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Top 11 Alternative Games Like Aviator

If you are a fan of the thrilling bets offered by the Aviator online game, you will be pleased to know that there are other crash games that can provide you with an exciting and addictive gaming experience. These alternatives have gained popularity in the online gambling industry and have won over gamers all around the world. Whatever your favorite game is, you’ll find the best one for you here.

It’s easier and winning at alternative Aviator games

Aviator-like games have gained immense popularity in the online gambling industry due to their exciting gameplay and wide range of betting options. These games with a user-friendly interface can be played both on desktop devices and mobile devices. They give players the opportunity to socialize while testing their luck in the virtual world. These online casino games are usually equipped with features such as in-game chat, in-game statistics and in-game tricks to enhance the overall gaming experience of players. While Aviator remains a popular game, there are games similar to Aviator that offer a similar concept in a different setting. Proven fairness and the random generation of results using a random number generator allow you to enjoy fair and open play and the possibility of big winnings. In addition, many sites provide tantalizing information about these smart games, such as Lucky Jet, which some claim is easier to win than Aviator, although this claim is highly questionable.

In the gaming industry, crash games are popular due to their simplicity and fair distribution of winnings. Players can see the fairness by exchanging and analyzing lines of code. New players can quickly learn the game after a few rounds and play it like experienced players.

In addition, starting to play makes players feel confident as lack of experience does not lead to significant financial losses in the initial stages. In addition, these games appeal to those who enjoy betting on sports but prefer immediate results, as the rounds are fast-paced and allow for betting results within minutes.

List of games similar to Aviator

Game NameDeveloperRTPMin BetMax BetDemoLanguageRating
KenoDigitain99%0.5100YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
RocketOnDigitain99%0.5100YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐
HiLoSpribe99%0.5100YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐
ZeppelinBetsolutions97%1100YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐
Candy BurtsPocket Games Soft96.73%0.11000YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐
SpacemanPragmatic Play96.5%0.1100YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thunder CrashIgnition Casino96%0.1100NoRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Space XYBgaming97%0.11000YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lucky JetGaming Corps96%1200YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐
AviatrixiGaming98%0.10600YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
JetXSmartsoft Gaming90%0.1600YesRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES, FR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rules for Games Similar to Aviator

The rules are so simple that anyone can master them! This is a gambling game that uses RNG technology to determine the winnings. As you play, the airplane flies higher and higher, the prize rises and stops when it reaches its peak. The higher you go, the more money you can win, but the risk also increases!

Alternative 1: JetX

👩‍💻 DeveloperiGaming
📈 RTP98%
💰 Min Bet0.10
💸 Max Bet600
🕹️ DemoYes
Main features JetX

Jet X is an arcade slot from Smartsoft Gaming with a minimum bet size of 0.1 and a maximum bet of 600. The game is available in demo version. It breaks the rules of online gambling and triggers adrenaline, making players afraid of missing out on winnings. Click the Collect button and claim your cash prize before the plane crashes. Your initial bet will be multiplied by a multiplier.

A very similar game to Aviator is Aviatrix

👩‍💻 DeveloperiGaming
📈 RTP98%
💰 Min Bet0.10
💸 Max Bet600
🕹️ DemoYes
Main features Aviatrix

Aviatrix is a alternative smart game in the online casino industry with unique mechanics and modernized gameplay adapted to the modern gambling market. It is a pioneer in the industry, it is based on the famous aviator and released in the year by the Georgian company Spribe. Aviatrix offers an RTP (return to player) of about and a maximum payout of several times your bet. The game is known for its rich feature set, gamification, multiplayer and loyalty mechanics.

Some of the most popular online casinos where you can play Aviatrix include Pin-Up Casino, Olimp Casino, 1xBet Casino, 1win Casino, and Parimatch Casino. The game is also available for free play in demo mode, without any downloads game app or registration required.

Aviatrix was developed by iGaming studio, specializing in innovative products in the online gambling industry, combining cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, NFT, and AI into a unified product with an innovative loyalty program.

Variant 3 Lucky Jet

👩‍💻 DeveloperGaming Corps
💯 RTP96%
💰 Min Bet1
💸 Max Bet200
🕹️ DemoYes
🌍 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Lucky Jet

The JetLucky 2 is a betting game where players can bet on the duration of a plane’s flight before it ends. The longer the plane remains in the air, the higher the multiplier for potential winnings, and players have the option to cash out or continue their bet for a chance to increase their earnings.

The objective of the game is to achieve the longest flight distance possible. The visuals in this category are known for being exceptional, with constant explosions adding to the overall stimulating experience compared to other games that have a simpler line-based gameplay.

For the rocket enthusiast Space XY

👨‍💻 DeveloperBgaming
🎰 RTP97%
💰 Min Bet0.1
💵 Max Bet1000
🎮 DemoYes
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Space XY

Space XY created by BGaming.  Has an auto cash out features a glowing rocket that is about to explode. The goal is to leave the rocket before it explodes and cash out your profit. The rocket’s color becomes redder as the multiplier grows, so you can focus on your cash-out button and follow the color with peripheral sight. The developers Space XY claim a very high RTP between 96.88%, which is among the highest in this field.

Variant 5 Thunder Crash Game

👩‍💻 DeveloperIgnition Casino
💰 RTP96%
💸 Min Bet0.1
💵 Max Bet100
🎮 DemoNo
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Thunder Crash Game

Thundercrash is a catastrophe game with similar mechanics to the Aviator video game. Bet Amount and Auto Cash Out options can be selected before each session. The multiplier allows you to automatically cash out your earnings to prevent a crash. The multiplier slowly increases and if it reaches the Auto Cash Out amount before the ship crashes, you win. If not, you lose.

The option for space enthusiasts is Spaceman

👩‍💻 DeveloperPragmatic Play
💰 RTP96.5%
💲 Min Bet0.1
💵 Max Bet100
📱 Demo versionYes
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Main features

The outer space in Spaceman, a PragmaticPlay creation, has a unique feature called 50% cashout. The  goal is to cash out before the flight ends . The 50% cashout option allows for various mathematical calculations, making it possible to secure and cover extensive selection stakes, leading to bigger profits.

The game’s RTP is 97%, slightly lower than Aviator, but it may not have a significant impact on winnings. The maximum win is $1 000,000, but keep in mind that this may vary depending on the casino’s limit. Bet size range from $0.10 to $100, while maximal multipliers range from 1.00 to 5000.00, which is lower than Aviator.

Option 7 Sweet Bonanza

👩‍💻 DeveloperPragmatic Play
💰 RTP96.73%
💲 Min Bet0.1
💲 Max Bet1000
🎮 DemoYes
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Sweet Bonanza

Calling all slot lovers! Introducing Sweet Bonanza, the latest masterpiece from Pragmatic Play. Get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering six by six symbol video game that will satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth. Get your fix of sugary delights now!

Get ready for explosive wins with special symbols! And that’s not all – the Pragmatic Play traditional casino game Feature can multiply your wins by a whopping 10 times during free spins! But wait, there’s more! Activating this feature will multiply ALL of your winnings by x2. Autoplay feature don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – log into Pragmatic Play website now and experience the excitement for yourself!

Those who need multiplayer can try Zeppelin

👩‍💻 DeveloperBetsolutions
💯 RTP97%
💰 Min Bet1
💵 Max Bet100
🎮 DemoYes
🗣️ LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a multiplayer iGaming experience by Betsolutions. It has a user-friendly interface, high profitability, and a plane flight similar to Aviator.

Embark on an endless gaming adventure with hundreds of players! Simply log into our website and let the magic of cookies transport you to a new generation of gaming experience. It all starts with 100 players and goes beyond infinity!

Some key highlights of the gambling experience are the dynamic gameplay, impressive UI, and responsiveness. It’s an innovative approach, isn’t it?

Option 9 HiLo

👩‍💻 DeveloperSpribe
📊 RTP99%
💰 Min Bet0.5
💸 Max Bet100
🕹️ DemoYes
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features HiLo

The Hilo casino game online has gained recognition as a popular gambling option due to its favorable odds of winning. It’s simple and straightforward: players predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current card, right at the fingertips of their mobile devices. After each correct prediction, players can collect their winnings with a single tap on the screen, further adding to the excitement of the game.

Optimized for mobile devices, Hilo offers players on the go a seamless and immersive experience. With a high RTP of 97% and utilizing proven integrity technology, players can enjoy the game knowing that honesty is guaranteed.

And that’s not all. Hilo also utilizes mobile devices to create a unique social experience. Using chat on your smartphone or tablet, you can connect with other players, share your emotions, and discuss game events as they unfold. Hilo also offers interesting promotions such as Rain Promo, where you can get free bets just by following the chat line on your mobile device.

Wherever you are and whatever device you use, Hilo is always there for you, ready to give you the pure excitement of gaming and the chance for big wins. Whether you’re relaxing at home or embarking on an exciting adventure, you can immerse yourself in the Hilo experience anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your mobile device.

For those who like the Martingale strategy, this is a good one RocketOn

👨‍💻 DeveloperDigitain
💰 RTP99%
💲 Min Bet0.5
💲 Max Bet100
📱 DemoYes
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features RocketOn

RocketOn is a new creation in the world of gambling with realistic graphics. It offers visually appealing games with an RTP of 99% and fair multipliers generated randomly.

Not only has RocketOn included all the great features of previous games, such as auto-join rounds and cash-outs, but it has also introduced a brilliant x2 button right next to where you enter your bet. This ingenious addition is a godsend for players who prefer the Martingale strategy.

Alternative 11 Keno

👩‍💻 DeveloperDigitain
💰 RTP99%
💵 Min Bet0.5
💸 Max Bet100
🎮 DemoYes
🌐 LanguageRU, UA, EN, PT, UZ, KZ, ES
Main features Keno

Keno, an online casino game from Digitain, is a lottery in which players can choose eight or ten numbers out of 80 to draw. Events are fast-paced, offering exciting gameplay with generous payouts.

The ability to edit your bet even after it has been placed! Innovative developers have made it so that Keno players can place additional bets on any amount of all ball numbers.

The “Bet History” section will allow you to easily view all your recent bets, which are conveniently stored in the site’s cookies.

BTC games like Aviator 

Crypto games similar to Aviator include Crash, Rocketpot, and Bitvest. These games rely on RNG technology to determine the prize during each round. The gameplay is straightforward, and players have control over how much they bet and when they cash out. These games also offer a social aspect, allowing players to compete with others in real-time. With transparent and fair gambling ensured by the RNG algorithm, these crypto games provide an exciting and potentially lucrative gaming experience for players.

Features of such crypto games their pros and cons

✔️ One of the main advantages of crypto games like Aviator is the level of anonymity they provide. Since transactions are made using cryptocurrency, there is no need for players to provide personal information or banking details. This also means that players from countries where online gambling is illegal can still participate in these games.❌ However, there are also some drawbacks to crypto games compared to traditional online gambling. One of the biggest concerns is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate rapidly, which means that players may win or lose significantly more than they intended to.
✔️ Another advantage of crypto games is the speed of transactions. Because they use blockchain technology, transactions are processed quickly and efficiently. This means that players can quickly deposit and withdraw funds, and also enjoy faster gameplay.❌ Additionally, the lack of regulation in the crypto gambling industry can make it difficult for players to know if a game is fair or not.

Although reputable cryptocasinos exist, players should be aware of the many scams and fraudulent operations that also exist. Some common types of cryptocurrency casino scams include:

  • Fake casinos: Scammers create fake casinos to steal players’ cryptocurrency deposits.
  • Rigged games: Scammers rig games to ensure that players always lose.
  • Ponzi schemes: Scammers promise high returns on investment but use new investors’ money to pay off earlier investors.
  • Pyramid schemes: Scammers promise players rewards for recruiting new players, creating a pyramid structure that is unsustainable and ultimately collapses.
  • Malicious software: Scammers use malware to steal players’ cryptocurrency wallets or personal information.

Players should be cautious when choosing a cryptocasino and research the site thoroughly before depositing any funds.

The Conclusions on Crash Game online like Aviator

Crash games have taken the first place in the online gambling industry in terms of popularity. Many people like the dynamism of these games and the possibility of winning big with just one bet. They have become a favorite among everyone who has ever visited online casinos and cryptocurrency casinos.

If you are a fan of Aviator and want to experience similar betting games, these alternatives are definitely worth a look. With their user-friendly interface, honesty and engaging process, they provide an exciting gaming experience. So why not try them out and see if you can find your new favorite new crash game?


Welcome to our FAQ section where we address common questions about games similar to Spribe Aviator. If you’re looking for alternatives to this popular crash game, we’ve got you covered.

Are there mobile versions available for these games?

Yes, many of the Spribe Aviator alternatives offer mobile versions, allowing players to enjoy the excitement on their smartphones and tablets.

How fair are these games?

Totally fair! Reputable development companies are known for releasing reliably fair games. Games like Aviator use random number generators to ensure fair and unbiased play. Rest assured that your chances of winning depend on luck and not on any manipulation by the casino.

Is there a social element to these games?

Absolutely!!! Almost all crash games have in-game chat, allowing players to communicate with each other while enjoying the addictive experience. You can discuss with other players, strategies and share your winnings.

Do these games offer a variety of themes and graphics?

Absolutely!!! Aviator alternative games have their own unique themes, bonus features and stunning graphics. Whether you like space adventures or traditional casino themes, you’ll find a game to suit your preferences.

Can I play these games for free?

Yes, most alternative crash games offer a demo or demo mode where you can play for free. This is a great way to get a feel for the gameplay and test your strategies without risking real money.

Why are Aviator and similar games so popular?

They are so popular because of their simple gameplay, fair distribution of winnings, adaptability to mobile devices and availability in cryptocurrency casinos. These games provide safe bets for players of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned gambling experts. Games like Spribe Aviator are exciting and addictive with their user-friendly interface and special betting options. So go ahead, explore the world of crash games and find your new favorite!

How to choose the best casino for betting Aviator and its similar games?

When choosing an online establishment, consider factors such as reputation, reliability, bonuses, variety of games and user experience, and read reviews from real players. These factors ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience that suits your resources.

Is it possible to make money from Aviator gambling?

Aviator is an exciting game that offers players to earn money by placing bets. Players can use double bets to diversify the game and increase the overall chances of winning. Aviator is characterized by a simple interface and in-game features, namely user chat feature and automatic payouts and the possibility of approaching the sum of $1,000,000.

Is the Aviator game safe?

Spribe Aviator is developed by a game studio called Sprite, which uses a high-performance process and usage for users. The game is also proven to be fair, and we should choose for safe and secure online casinos that protect personal and financial information.

How does the Aviator Casino Game work?

Aviator Casino Game is a popular online gambling game that offers players the thrilling experience of flying a surrounding airplane with an increasing win multiplier; the player can cash out at any time or play for a higher multiplier, but if the airplane crashes before the player can cash out, the player will offer his or her bid. This game, powered by HGC technology, requires a fair outcome for each round and is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Author: Rollie Streinor expert in online gambling

Rollie Streinor is a highly accomplished igambling expert with over a decade of experience in the field. He leads a professional team focused on developing winning strategies in online gambling. Rollie has been recognized and awarded by prestigious casinos such as Pin Up and 1Win for his exceptional skills. He has achieved remarkable success in tournaments, outshining competitors with his strategies. With a deep understanding of odds and probabilities, Rollie’s tailored approach maximizes clients’ chances of winning. His expertise spans various casino games, including poker, blackjack, and roulette. By collaborating with Rollie, players gain exclusive access to his wealth of knowledge and proven techniques, unlocking the door to consistent victories in igambling.