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Aviator official game online

In the realm of gambling, slot machines and various table and card games such as roulette and poker have consistently dominated the market. Rarely do new games emerge that can match them in popularity. However, there is an exception in the form of the game Aviator, which has gathered favorable reviews, captivated players from all over the world and gained recognition from respected online casinos such as: 1win, Parimatch, Favbet, Leon, Mostbet, 1xbet, Pin Up

Where to play Aviator

Game Features

✏️ Creator:Spribe
🎮 Type of game:Crash Game
💰 Minimum bid:1 $
💰💰💰 Maximum rate:10 000 $
🎉 Maximum winnings per bet:1 000 000 $
🔍 Demo Mode:check!
📱 Supported devices:android, ios, windows, mac OS
💰🔄 Return to Player (RTP):97%
📈 Volatility:Low to medium

History of the game “Aviator

A crash game called “Aviator” was developed in two different versions. The first version was created in 2020, and the second version was created in 2021. Once released, the second version quickly gained popularity and was instrumental in numerous player victories.

Aviator is easy to play:

As an air traffic controller in Aviator, your job is to guide the plane, maximizing its chances of reaching maximum performance. Keep a close eye on the aircraft’s flight path and the Crash Factor (CF). Players are advised to stay attentive in order to take advantage of the opportunity to earn substantial winnings, which can multiply up to x100 or even x1000.

Betting multipliers determine the payout

In case of a successful flight your winnings will be determined by multiplying the initial bet by the prevailing multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the greater the potential reward.

Win prizes of up to $1 million

With a minimum bet of $1, players have a chance to win up to $1 million. Even modest bets can bring a significant profit if you know the rules of the game in Aviator.

Video lesson on how to play Aviator

The rules of the game

Aviator boasts clear and uncomplicated rules that are easy to remember and follow. Listed below are the elementary rules of the game:

  1. The game consists of several rounds, which run every few seconds.
  2. In each round, a plane with a red flag appears on the radar screen.
  3. The plane begins to move along the radar at a steady speed.
  4. Your main task is to bet on the exact time when the plane takes off.
  5. You can place a bet before or during the flight.
  6. As the plane crosses the radar screen, numbers quickly accumulate on the display. They represent a multiplier that represents the number of times your bet will increase if you accurately predict the moment the plane takes off.
  7. You can back out of a bet at any time before the plane takes off. If you do this, you will receive your bet multiplied by the current odds.
  8. However, if you don’t back out of your bet before the plane takes off, you will lose all of your money.
  9. The exact moment of takeoff is random and does not depend on odds or the number of players.

Key game modes in Aviator

In Aviator, the individual rounds are usually completed within a minute, allowing the plane to reach multipliers that can reach hundreds. This means that players can accumulate several thousand dollars starting with an initial bet of $1, and even larger amounts are possible with higher bets. The game offers two mechanics:


Aviator allows players to set a certain multiplier, upon reaching which the game automatically ends. For example, by setting a multiplier of x30, it is possible to quit the game as soon as the plane reaches this height. This feature proves to be convenient, as it virtually guarantees a profitable outcome and eliminates the risk of loss due to slow reaction. In particular, the multiplier x50 allows you to get significant amounts even with modest bets, which contributes to the wide popularity of the game “Aviator” among players.


Aviator provides players with access to complete statistics covering all bets made over a specific period (day, week, month, etc.). This data can be used to develop strategies, such as identifying the most frequent multipliers or determining when the plane rises to the highest multipliers. For example, the x100 multiplier occurs about once every 1-2 hours. Statistics can also help in determining the optimal bet size. Different strategy options are displayed on the statistics screen, allowing players to choose the approach that best suits their preferences and potentially secure lucrative rewards.

Explore the world of the aviator

Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Aviator, where you’ll find exciting gameplay and the chance to win solid prizes.

🌟 Feel the thrill of playing Aviator! 🛩️

💎 Discover the secrets of maximizing winnings! 💰

🔥 Discover the exciting world of Aviator by Spribe with our enticing free demo. 🆓

🔍 Immerse yourself in the game and bet any amount of money, discovering the potential good fortune that awaits you. 🍀

💸 To start a real betting adventure, simply register with our esteemed casino and deposit funds into your account. 💳

💲 Wide range of bets from $1 to $1,000 and up – the choice is yours. 💪

Confidence in our licensed platform

Spribe, the renowned provider of the Aviator game, proudly owns an official Curacao license. Rest assured that our commitment to honesty and fairness is unwavering. We only do business with reliable casinos, making sure you get your winnings where they belong.

Unleash the power of chance

Aviator 2’s advanced random number generator generates thousands of exciting variations. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the game by analyzing the data to develop a winning strategy. Or opt for calculated risk with fixed odds to guarantee a more reliable result.

Unleash your potential as a winner

Regardless of the strategy you choose, Aviator boasts an impressive RTP (return to player) of 97%. This means that no matter what tactic you choose, you have a good chance of coming out a winner and reaping the rewards.

Master the art of betting in the Aviator game

Start your journey at Aviator with the invaluable experience that our free demo mode offers. Get to know the mechanics and intricacies of the game without the thrill of winning real money. Practice your skills and grasp the rules with ease. When you are ready to plunge into the world of gambling for real money and increase your chances of winning, register and fund your gaming account. Remember that Aviator 2 has a prestigious Curacao license, which guarantees a safe and honest gaming environment as well as timely and reliable payouts.

Limitless possibilities

Initially, it is worth noting – the possibility of betting in the crash game is almost limitless – place bets from $3 to 5000.

Lots of betting options

The initial Aviator interface offers 4 basic betting options: $50, $100, $500 and $1,000. From these, you need to choose your bet before you start your flight – you have 5 seconds to do this. After takeoff you can stop the game and withdraw with a minimum bet of 1.1.

Automatic playback of the game

Would you prefer not to manually push the screen every time? Set the desired odds in the Auto Play window. The game statistics are conveniently displayed at the bottom of the screen if you choose to use this method.

Dive into the world of excitement, discover secrets and soar to new heights with Aviator Play. The layout of the game window is designed to focus your attention and reaction on what’s going on first, eliminating unnecessary elements and details. All the essential components for successful gameplay are concentrated on one screen.

Recommendations from professional gamblers

There are many reasons why experienced players are advised to start with modest stakes.

  1. First, at the initial stages of the game to navigate in a dynamic gameplay can be difficult, resulting in beginners quickly lose their deposits. Therefore, it is easier to start with smaller amounts.
  2. Secondly, by playing with small bets, you can speed up the learning process compared to using the demo mode. After a few bets, you will gain the confidence to place larger bets and compensate for your initial caution.
  3. Finally, experimenting with different strategies becomes worthwhile with small bets. You can effectively learn a system of duplicate bets, which allows you to make two bets simultaneously and provides insurance against losses.

Get an advantage in the Aviator game for money

For beginners, comprehending all the rules and features of the Aviator game at once can be difficult at the initial stage. However, as time goes by, the number of winnings greatly exceeds the number of losses. To speed up your entry into the game and minimize losses, listen to the advice of experienced gamers.


Currently, the game “Aviator” has become very popular in various casinos. It is incredibly easy to find a lot of information about this fascinating game on the Internet. You can read the stories of successful players who have emerged victorious from the game and see its practical mechanics for yourself.

Review reviews.


There are countless strategies for mastering Aviator, but only a few really work. You need to learn effective tactics and incorporate them into your gameplay.

Discover strategies that bring success.


Every casino associated with Aviator offers an enticing welcome bonus program. These generous gifts provide financial protection for new players, giving them the opportunity to play without risking their own money.

Take advantage of deposit bonuses.


In addition to bonuses for new players, online casinos often run a variety of promotions. Free spins, cashback, deposit bonuses and more are always on offer. Take advantage of these offers to recoup some of your investment or save money. Don’t miss out on opportunities like these.

Casino promotions.

Demo mode

We strongly recommend getting to know Aviator in free demo mode before you start playing for real money. The game can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or accessed through an online casino. Rest assured, in both scenarios it works flawlessly, without glitches or errors;

Do your strategies in demo mode

Use the prediction app (AI Aviator Predictor)

The prediction app (AI Aviator Predictor) is a free tool that helps players improve their chances of winning at the Aviator game. In this app from MobisMobis, all you need to do is run the simulator, connect to the online casino and follow the prediction for better results. Remember, you need to have an account and an initial deposit to use the app.

The prediction application (AI Aviator Predictor) uses a special algorithm, based on mathematical modeling, which can accurately determine the moment of airplane drop. It can give an accurate prediction of about 95%. For fun, the app provides accurate information about what will happen next.

The benefits of using a prediction app (AI Aviator Predictor):

  • You reduce the risk of losing all your money if the plane takes off earlier than you expect.
  • You increase your bankroll gradually and without much fluctuation.
  • You can control your emotions and not give in to excitement.

Disadvantages of using a prediction app (AI Aviator Predictor):

  • You can’t get a big win if the plane flies long and the multiplier is high.
  • You may get bored with the monotony of the game and lose interest.
  • You can violate casino rules or the laws of your country by using illegal software.

Aviator Game Strategies by Spribe

A smart budget strategy

Although many players are hesitant to invest large sums of money in bets, it is important to note that a deposit of only $100 will not lead to long-term profitable play. The best option would be to deposit a few thousand dollars and place small bets with low odds.

Before placing your first bet, it is advisable to determine the bet size and set an automatic withdrawal limit. One effective strategy is to bet $1,000 at odds of 1.10. Thus, winning will bring you $100. The Aviator threshold often fluctuates. In just 10 rounds you will recoup your initial investment and start earning. By playing for smaller amounts and applying a smart strategy, your chances of winning will increase.

The Martingale Method

This tactic is applicable to a variety of gambling games and can be useful to familiarize yourself with a regular casino game. It operates on the principle of “bankroll”: if you lose in the current round, double your bet in the next round. The main advantage of the Martingale tactic is that the winnings compensate for all your previous losses. However, this strategy also has its disadvantages: you will need a considerable bankroll to keep doubling your bet, and the probability of losing increases with each round. Thus, when using this approach, it is extremely important to stick to your betting sizes and not to make impulsive decisions.

Sharp reflexes are needed to make the right bet during the short 5-second interval between rounds. Quickly evaluate the result of the previous round to decide whether to increase or decrease your bet.

The tactic of doubling your bets after each loss requires a relatively large budget. Although this method can be profitable, it requires a significant amount of playing time to pay off. If your funds are limited, it is recommended not to take unreasonable risks and refrain from using this tactic.

Withdrawing money from the game “Aviator

You can replenish your Aviator game account with a bank card, online wallet, and some casinos even accept cryptocurrency. The bonus you receive usually needs to be wagered, so consult with the casino on how to meet this requirement. Bets are credited instantly and your game balance is immediately updated. If you decide not to continue playing, you can withdraw your winnings as soon as you receive them. However, you can also leave some money in your account for future games.

In most casinos, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 to $1,000. As a rule, winnings are transferred to the bank card or e-wallet of the player, although alternative methods of withdrawal may be available.

Looking for solutions when an Aviator game becomes unavailable?

The Aviator game, known for its access restrictions for gamblers from certain regions, particularly Brazilian, European, Indian players, can sometimes face blocking along with the online casino site if it does not have proper licensing or registration in that country. This can happen due to non-compliance with gambling laws and regulations.

Discover VPN capabilities

Having trouble accessing Aviator? Fear not, you can use a VPN. Using a VPN will allow you to change the location of your device, thereby providing access to the region in which the game is available. You can also change your registration region or personal information to ensure compatibility. However, it is important to understand that such changes may not be effective if the game is blocked in the region for other reasons, such as non-compliance with the law or gambling regulations.

Aviator FAQ

Where can I play the game Aviator for free?

You can find free versions of Aviator online, but please note that some of them may be illegal. By link you can play Aviator for free

What is this game Aviator (Airplane)

Aviator is a simulation game in which you control a virtual plane, trying to escape from the chase and earn maximum points.

How can I withdraw money from Aviator?

To withdraw money from the game Aviator, you usually need to have an account on the site where you play the game and use the available withdrawal methods.

How to win real money in Aviator?

To win real money in Aviator, you need to play a version of the game that involves the use of real money. Remember that gambling can be dangerous and you can lose your money.

What are the reviews of the game Aviator?

Reviews of the game Aviator range from positive to negative. Some people find the game fascinating and interesting, while others find it boring and uninteresting.

What is the best strategy in Aviator?

The speed of flight affects the odds, but crashing a plane can happen very quickly. The Aviator game does not allow you to control the speed of the plane, so calculations can be inaccurate. Despite this, you can play the game for fun. In slots there is always an advantage to the slot operator, so the bank may end up losing money. However, this does not mean that you have to give up gambling completely. It is important not to abuse them. No one can guarantee a win in the game Aviator, because the regularities in the work of the machines have not been revealed. Do not trust crooks who promise to make millions by hacking the game – it’s just a ploy.

Can you easily make money with Aviator?

Earning money in Aviator depends on your experience and ability to play the game, but you should not expect to make easy money. Gambling can be dangerous and can lead to losing your money.

Curious about the minimum rate at Aviator?

The minimum bet varies depending on the currency you want to play with. If you choose dollars, the minimum bet is $5. Conversely, if you prefer to play in dollars, the minimum bet is 20 cents. Please note that the minimum bet may vary depending on the specific game and casino requirements.

Are bonuses and free bets available in Aviator?

Although the game itself does not have a special field for entering promo codes, you can still take advantage of bonuses provided by the casino. Some promotions may affect the size of the available bet. For more information on this matter, we recommend contacting the casino’s gaming support team. Keep in mind that the conditions for using bonuses may vary from casino to casino..

How to request a withdrawal?

Winnings from the game are stored in the balance of your personal account at the online casino, through which you play. Withdrawal of winnings, is available in the “Cashout” section, when selecting the operation “Withdraw”. Then enter the necessary details of your bank card/e-wallet to which you want to transfer the funds. Keep in mind that withdrawal terms and methods may vary from one online casino to another. Check the information with the management of the casino or contact support.

How can I deposit money into my game account?

The Aviator game has a minimum payout ratio of 1.01, which guarantees high payouts from the game. The initial transfer amount of winnings depends on the rules of the casino where you play. Usually it varies between $1 and $2, but it can also be higher. It is important to pay attention to this point and clarify the rules in the casino, so as not to be surprised when withdrawing winnings.

Is there user support?

The Aviator game has a customer support team that is ready to help you with various questions and problems. You can contact the support service through the feedback form on the website, as well as by contact phone numbers and email. Specialists casino will try to answer your questions and help solve any problem in the shortest possible time. Contact support if you have difficulties with accessing the game, with registration/deposit, as well as with the withdrawal of winnings. Specialists will help you find a solution and eliminate any difficulties.

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